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“Stones carry the songs of the earth.” Michael Meade


A selection of beads are available from the onsite shop - all are available from:

Finished to resemble pebbles one may find on a beach, over time, with the addition of skins natural oil, a bond develops that often reveals hidden qualities, depth and detail that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Each are unique, responsibly sourced and practical for a variety of uses from jewellery, dreadlocks to draw strings, etc. They come mounted with copper wire on recycled card and are sealed with wax to the reverse.

Practical as well as decorative, beads were once traded alongside seeds, livestock, metals, minerals, services and of course slaves, as an early form of currency. They were made from a variety of organic materials and became an asset in time, a sign of wealth and prestige. As trade increased, so did price and interest in more exotic materials from all over the world and in latter years, much became imitated using cheaper materials.

Throughout the ages beads have been used as tools to ease worry and stress, for mindfulness, meditation and prayer. The English word 'bead' comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘Bede’ and ‘Bidden’ which means ‘prayer’ and ‘to pray’.


Every sale leads to a donation to 'Beads of Courage UK'. Check them out @ and

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